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BR111 Reviews

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  • BR-111 (Hwd floors,LLC

    In July, I placed an order for Amendoim engineered flooring to be delivered last week of August. First week of september they called and not enough wood to fill my order and it would be November before shipment. November came then December and no shipment. After callling every week for status finally in December they tried to sell me something else, as Customs was not releasing the container. This was not acceptable to me and I requested the order to be cancelled and the return of my $3056.00. Each week I'm told the check is being mailed. To date I have not received it. I guess... More...
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    avapick's Picture   avapick    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dont buy from BR111

    I had an awful experience with them. I ordered Brazilian walnut floors and floor reducers. I got the floors but no the reducers. After several month I find out that they forgot to put in the order!!! I asked for a refund for the reducers. No money!! I called them 3 months already and every time I got a lame excuse and promised to send me money!!! I'm going to call Consumer protection devision and file a complaint. More...
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    dude13's Picture   dude13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Won't honor their warranty and won't return phone calls

    I purchased a Brazilian Cherry floor from these bastards. It was professionally installed according to specifications, including the temperature and humidity. Wiithin 2 months, the flooring developed longitudinal cracks. I got in touch with the company, and the had a consultant contact me by phone. The company denied my warranty claim because the consultant had said in his report that he *thought* that environmental conditions might have had something to do with the cracks. The company has refused to even talk with me about my claim. They won't return e-mails or phone calls.... More...
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    egaull's Picture   egaull    0 Comments   Comments
  • BR-111 floors

    We have had our BR-111 floors for several years. Immediately I contacted our builder, the flooring company, and the BR-111 rep about the haze that appears on our floor. I use only what is recommended from the company to clean the floor. Everyone came and looked at the floor a few times with little or no help or interest in resolving. I have contacted the company a few times and never received a response. I love everything about the work we have done on our house but detest the floors. If I win the lottery, the ABSOLUTE first thing I will do is replace my wood floors. More...
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    blytheln's Picture   blytheln    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beware of delivery issues

    I have placed an order for PFBC3 - Brazilian Cherry �" x 3" through my local dealer with them on Sep 12th by paying 1/3rd of the total amount under the promise that it will be delivered in 6 weeks. Now its been more than 9 weeks and I still didn't receive the shipment from them. When I contacted them exactly after 6 weeks I was told that there's been a delay and I have to wait for 4 more weeks. Yesterday out of curiosity I mailed them and now they are saying that I have to wait until Dec 15th. Frankly I don't trust them anymore and am going to... More...
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    anandkumarm's Picture   anandkumarm    0 Comments   Comments
  • will not honor warranty

    I have been working with br111 claims department for more than a year and I have the e-mail documentation to prove it. My floor is breaking apart and all the stair nosing is splitting or totally broken on two stair cases. I sent br111 pictures of the broken parts and talked with them on the phone and answered questions. First they said they would honor the warranty and that I could work with anyone to install. They put me through a very long and painful process in order to get the product, first through Lowes then they changed and said I could have anyone fix the install. They asked... More...
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    ak123's Picture   ak123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Do not Buy this product

    I've had my BR111 floor installed now for 5 years and had a product claim that did not get honored as well this year. I also dealt with the president or so he said he was. With his tone I highly doubt it was him but his name correct in the other reviews on here. I had installed over 1400 sq ft of Brazillian Cherry and it looked amazing the first day. I am so dissatisfied with this flooring that I can hardly speak. This floor is getting dings and deep scratches the very first day. Dining room chairs, dropping things, moving the fridge (with cardboard under it) has all caused deep... More...
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    EdwardNigma's Picture   EdwardNigma    3 Comments   Comments
  • br111

    thanks all for your comments and concerns...for the record, lets be fair to the facts, and remember that BR111 has been the leader in the exotic wood flooring market for over 20 years and that several 100s of thousands of happy customers later and millions of square feet installed, its impossible to make everyone happy and be "fair" at the same time. In this period of time, we've indeed honored over $7.0MM in claims, claims of which were not honored by some of our old suppliers, forcing us to continue looking for more reliable sources in regards of more competitive pricing... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    danielp's Picture   danielp    7 Comments   Comments
  • Buyers Beware

    I have had the same issue with this company. They aren't honoring my warranty either. I see you've dealt with Ricardo as well. I have recently started searching the same issue online and have found several other sites with different users complaining of the same or similar issue. I think they are changing the process in which they produce there wood and in fact might be moving there product line to China. Not sure how you can have Brazilian exotic wood being milled in China but these days you never know. Assuming they aren't honoring your warranty for the same reason they... More...
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  • Worst Customer Serivce and doesn't honor Warranty

    BR111 does not warranty claims. They have sent out an independent wood inspector who's results inform BR111 there was and is defective and they have yet to honor there warranty. They have given me the run around and wasted so much of my time and informed me that I should speak with there lawyer. If you have had the same experience where they are not warranting your wood floor please e mail me. Ricardo Moraes is a nightmare to deal with and for a president of a company to talk the way he does to anyone shows what type of business partner he is and what type of values he has. From my... More...
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